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Jake mate. Good to have you onboard. Before we start, Can you tell us a little bit about the mix you've sent us?
It's a bit of a journey through some of the "Tesko", Acid Disco, and more contemporary Cosmic Disco sounds I’ve enjoyed over the years so there’s newer bits but mostly older tunes. I just let the first tune roll and then just sort of saw what happened after that.

So you are behind the incredible London Disco Society, can you tell our readers more about it and how it got started?

LDS was a party I started in 2001 with my best mate Florian and residents Rory Cordz and Tim Ross. It evolved into Rory and myself and sometimes the others playing in back to back at all sorts of gigs and festivals far and wide playing as The London Disco Society, so these days we’re more a DJ collective than an event. We’ve always been into more “out the box” side of disco, the weirder the better. The first year or sofas actually at The Horse & Groom so I’m excited to be back there with the TDDUD crew on December 10th almost exactly 10 years since LDS party there.  


Super stuff, we can't wait. Now for the Mission to Mars.

Let's pretend and fast forward to the year 2033, and NASA announces they are selecting an elite few to be the first of mankind to touch down on Mars. Based on your resounding intelligence, witty humor, skills, and good looks - You have been chosen! Question is, would you accept a one-way ticket?

Tell me there's a good sound system on Mars and I'm in! 

Cool, so You are the chosen Commander! There's a big old spaceship waiting to be named..... What are you going to call her?

Blue Pedro, in homage to the Bullion tune of the same name that always makes me feel like some sort of wonky space pirate.

Tricky one but you have to make the decision... If you can take anyone – past or present – fact or fiction - What 3 space cadets are you going to take with you on your adventure of a lifetime?

My partner Amber because she’s a top human that I’d happily populate Mars with, Bob Ross so we can do some lovely Mars landscape art, and third Tim Ross (Old friend and previous LDS resident) so I can finally prove to him without doubt that the Earth is not flat.

Crew and spaceship ready, the final countdown has begun. Now you have just one day left on Earth ........what would you do?

Go roller skating, I imagine the surface of Mars is not ideal for roller skating so until we've had a chance to terraform Mars and create a skate rink I'm gonna want to get some skating in.

It takes 7 months for you and your teams quest to Mars. 7 months! You are allowed a choice of 5 records to play on the Inflight Space Entertainment system– which belters do you take with you?

The Undisputed Truth - Space Machine)

Electronic System - Skylab

Michael Shrieve - Transfer Station Blue

Dr. Octagon - Earth People

Leafcutter John - Yes Come Parade With Us

You’ve made it! Now time to make things like home... What Netflix series would you choose to watch?

Call me a massive hippy but we won’t need Netlix when we have a Martian sky to marvel at 24/7, or however many hours there are in a day on Mars. 

A new planet needs new rules and regulations. You can write one law on planet Mars that everyone has to obey by, what law would you put in place and why? 

DON’T FUCK THE PLANET!! We’ve already fucked Earth, let’s not fuck Mars as well.

Things have got a little hairy, you are in a sticky situation and stood face to face with a 3 eyed,15ft neon green Alien and about to get into a bust-up! What song comes on as as your chosen kick-ass soundtrack.

The Immortals - The Ultimate Warlord


Finally, you are allowed one phone call back to Earth, who do you call?

Just my big sister, let her know I’m safe and well and that the 3 eyed,15ft neon green Aliens haven’t been too much bother.

Describe a heart warming, skin tingling, goosey memorable moment from your musical journey so far?

Here’s where I should probably say when we warmed up for Dimitri From Paris at Brixton Electric or getting to support Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy at her Cosmodelica party, or being asked to do a stage takeover at the Nile Rodgers curated Meltdown Festival. However, as The London Disco Society, we recently celebrated our 10th Birthday with a string of 5 events every Saturday at Oslo Hackney, a relatively small venue. Honestly, every week was amazing, and seeing all the happy faces that came through those 5 weeks dancing away made us feel like the 10 years have been worthwhile. Nothing beats seeing people dancing to what you’re doing with a huge smile on their face. 

If you can name anything, what is your best ever / worse ever musical purchase? 

I have a 12” of It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls and I’ve never played it.  

Tell us something we don't know… 

My Partner described me as a triangle and it made me emotional because I found it to be the highest compliment anyone has ever given me. I’ve been fascinated by triangles since I was young in the Air Cadets learning about airplane design. Triangles are significant for a number of reasons, in engineering, in maths, in spirituality, etc I won’t go into it now but look them up. They’re things of beauty.

Oops. I need to hide a body. Any ideas? 

I imagine if you hide it among some tendering process documents from a Tory PPE deal no one will ever find it.

Would you rather go to a super Club, house party, local boozer or small get-together with 4 or 5 close friends over dinner at home?

I’m a sucker for the dance floor so definitely a super club but it would have to be the right club and DJ. Humans have gathered in large crowds to dance going back for thousands of years, whether club punters are aware of it or not they’re engaging in something special coming together like that.

And Lastly, we all like a good affirmation at TDDUD HQ……. What is your life’s Mantra?

The wise man knows he’s a fool, it’s the fool that thinks he’s wise.

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