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In 2014 DJ & Events curator, Ricky Meakin was residing in Budapest, Ricky was asked to feature as one of the Future Leaders for Decoded magazine formerly 'This Is Progressive'.

He wanted to do something completely different and strip things back. Low and slow, hypnotic and seducing, transcending and cosmic. 80/100 bpm moving up the gears. There was little or few doing this sound in his world back then and after two decades of running nights in the house and techno scene in a saturated market he felt something had to change. His good friend James Todd of Global Underground was in agreement, it was time to bring some new substance to the industry. Combining his beliefs, vast experience and successful management history of heavy-hitting  big named parties, 2015 saw the birth, creation and development of Till Death Do Us Disco. It was officially born

in an old English boozer down in Shoreditch, London at the iconic Horse & Groom, better known as the ultimate disco pub. TDDUD's punk soul cultivated an enlightened, rolling cosmic groove. This would be their home for the launch, sound and vision of the Death Disco. A perfect match and setting. 


TDDUD ever since celebrates as a dance movement, a disco crew, an affair of unique believers on a journey of discovery - to transverse as one, from all backgrounds and persuasions.

Ricky pushes the boundaries in the music industry and revels in the underground electro disco multi-genre world. His events are a resounding salute to the unparalleled sounds of yesterday and future of music. Death and Disco. Working only with chosen artists, comrades and unique spaces showcasing the soul of TDDUD, manifesting a sound scape of future tones, dubb house & subliminal slo-mo-tion acid disco to 80’s newbeat rave and hypno. It is a hangout where our in tune past and future rebels who have a penchant for the power of feeling through sound, art and creativity come together for one-off sporadic events, never knowing when or where the next gathering will take place.

Listen to the first ever opening party live set here.


Flyer archive here.

Horse & Groom, Shoreditch, London, Curtain Road
Till Death Do Us Disco, Horse & Groom, Curtain Road, Shoreditch, London
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