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MR. C 



Lets pretend and fast forward to the year 2033, and NASA announces they are selecting an elite few to be the first of mankind to touch down on Mars. Based on your resounding intelligence, witty humour, skills and good looks - You have been chosen! Question is, would you accept a one way ticket?

Hell to the yeah. I’ve been ready to leave this here three dimensional prison for years, waiting to transcend the space and time continuum to become One with the Absolute, Consciousness itself. Mars is the portal to that don’t you know?

Your luck is in! You are the chosen Commander! Theres a big old space ship waiting to be named..... What are you going to call her?

The Superfreqalicious Enterprise. Warp speed ahead.

Tricky one but you have to make the decision... If you can take anyone – past or present – fact or fiction - What 3 space cadets are you going to take with you on your adventure of a lifetime?

Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and John Terry. Let the fun and games begin. 

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Crew and spaceship ready, the final countdown has begun. Now you have just one day left on Earth ........what would you do?

Bearing in mind this is 2033 and the pandemic is but a bad memory - I’d end all world and personal debt and in the process end all poverty. All the money saved from paying the said debt would turn the world into a world of leisure in which everything is free. There is no money any more and everyone is equal to enjoy the fruits of our beautiful planet. I’d also fix the environment so that the entire planet is living sustainably. All couples would be allowed only 2 children so as there’s also a healthy LGBTQIA+ community the global population would slowly decrease. All religion would be abolished (except the Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster as Pastafarians are cool) and replaced with the ultimate spirituality, namely love. 

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It takes 7 months for you and your teams quest to Mars. 7 months! You are allowed a choice of 5 records to play on the Inflight Space Entertainment system– which belters do you take with you?

Life on Mars - Dexter Wansel

Exodus album - Bob Marley

The Padlock album - Gwen Guthrie

Temple of Transparent Balls album - Black Dog

Specials album - The Specials

You’ve made it! Now time to make things like home... What Netflix series would you choose to watch?

Better Call Saul. I’ve seen Breaking Bad and it’s high time I watched the sequel.

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A new planet needs new rules and regulations. You can write one law on planet Mars that everyone has to obey by, what law would you put in place and why?


The rule would be that there are no rules but everything has to be done with love and without attachment. This would make for a giving society that would be having as much fun of possible solely for the sake of having as much fun as possible.

Things have got a little hairy, you are in a sticky situation and stood face to face with a 3 eyed,15ft neon green Alien and about to get into a bust up! What song comes on as as your chosen kick ass sound track.

It has to be Kung Fu Fighting by Bus Stop. I’d then channel my inner Enter The Dragon where every move was memorised at Saturday late night cinema where we all watched Kung Fu & smoked weed.

Kung Fu Fighting - Bus Stop

Finally, you are allowed one phone call back to Earth, who do you call?

Just because I’m allowed one phone call doesn’t mean I have to use it. I’ll be too busy having more fun than you can shake a stick at with Adriana, Alessandra & Captain, Leader, Legend, who by the way is messaging your sister.

Okay now TDDUD wants to find out a little more about you....

Headlining the NME Stage on the Saturday night with The Shamen at Glastonbury Festival in 1992. We were the last band on. I was already on stage playing ambient records to set the trippy atmosphere before the band came on proper. It seemed the entire festival wanted to be at that stage. We must’ve had 70,000 people in front of us. The bridge into the field collapsed. The show was just incredible as we formed a totally telepathic community. I really felt that I was One with every Soul there and the set was pure magic. It’s an experience that I will never forget.

If you can name anything, what is your best ever / worse ever musical purchase?

I mentioned the best earlier, the Padlock Album by Gwen Guthrie. Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare on Bass & Drums & also production. The tape delays are pure Jamaica on sublime disco. Keys by Wally Badarou, Guitar by Darryl Thompson, Larry Levan on the mix down and the angelic voice of Gwen Guthrie getting all nasty on us has to be the best record every made. The worst? I don’t buy bad records mate. ;) 

Tell us something we don't know…

I have a dream to build huge schools for the arts for the under privileged in every major city of every country in the world. By arts I mean music, film, photography, fine art, graphic art, the lot. Of course I’ll have achieved this by the time I leave for Mars.

Oops. I need to hide a body. Any ideas?


My name is West, so of course I’d suggest in the foundations of the house.


Would you rather go to a super Club, House party, Local boozer or small get together with 4 or 5 close friends over dinner at home? 

Super Club. All people there in attendance would be on my Facebook friends list, all 5000 of them. My friends list is amazing. Beautiful Souls from all over the world. This party would run from 12am to 12pm and the line up joining me would be Murf, Ricardo Villalobos & Danny Tenaglia, all playing 3 hour sets. 

Lastly, we all like a good affirmation at TDDUD HQ....... What is your life’s Mantra?

It’s better to be kind than be right. 


listen now to MR. C EXCLUSIVE DISCO MIX. 

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