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Mark, before we start, can you tell us a bit of a description of the mix you’ve sent us?

Ooh hello there! I would say that the mix is a selection of old and new bits of growly, but playful morsol of House, Techno, Electro and for want of a better word, Disco!

MAN2.0 Whats the story behind the name?


Right, long story. When I first set up my Hotmail account back in the 90s I tried to give myself the Hotmail name Manmachine, after the Kraftwerk album, but it wasn’t available, it offered me manmachine201, which I took. That stayed with me right up to the point where I started producing, but thought something snappier was needed. Ended up bouncing around a few ideas with Neil (Tronik Youth) and MAN2.0 was the one that stuck... I wish I could say that it was a statement about Nietzschean thought, or something to do with the relationship between man and machine, but it’s just really because I like Kraftwerk. I probably should have given it more thought given the rise in identitist politics and the saturation of DJs/Producers who are also Man’s, but at this point, I’d rather just make tunes, play records I like and accept that that was where I was at the time.


Interesting to know! Ok, now for the Mission to Mars...

Lets pretend and fast forward to the year 2033, and NASA announces they are selecting an elite few to be the first of mankind to touch down on Mars. Based on your resounding intelligence, witty humour, skills and good looks - You have been chosen! Question is, would you accept a one way ticket?

Ah go on then. You’ve twisted my arm. I’m getting used to social distancing and self isolating so what better place to hone my skills than on a mission to Mars!?

Your luck is in! You are the chosen Commander! Theres a big old space ship waiting to be named….. What are you going to call her? 

Ha, after telling you how long winded my artist name is, you want me to name a spaceship?! 

I’m reading Moby Dick at the moment, so at this second, the Pequod2.0. Mainly because I don’t have 20 years to refine it.

Tricky one but you have to make the decision… If you can take anyone – past or present – fact or fiction - What 3 space cadets are you going to take with you on your adventure of a lifetime?

Right, now suspending reality (would probably be my girlfriend and the boys) I would love to have Jack Black on there, likes his music, would keep things entertaining, Bjork for in case we have paparazzi when we get off the space flight at the other end, Tim Leary- I'm sure he would find a way to keep it interesting.

man ban .png

Crew and spaceship ready, the final countdown has begun. Now you have just one day left on Earth ……..what would you do?

I’d head to a park and enjoy the weather, I’d eat out. I’d browse Vinyl Exchange and Phonica. I’d go to Holland Park, the Design Museum. Head to Greenwich and take in the view. Either that or I’d sit in my flat in my pants pissing about with Abelton and a few synths.

It takes 7 months for you and your teams quest to Mars. 7 months! You are allowed a choice of 5 records to play on the Inflight Space Entertainment system– which belters do you take with you!

Locked Club - Irak

Solid Groove - This is Sick

Daniel Wang - Warped

Rex The Dog - Musik Hypnotises

In the Vacuum of Noise (The Juan MacLean Remix)

You’ve made it! Now time to make things like home… What Netflix series would you choose to watch?

It’s Sopranos. I do it at least once a year.

sup 2.png

A new planet needs new rules and regulations. You can write one law on planet Mars that everyone has to obey by, what law would you put in place and why?

I’d keep it simple, Be nice! (there would probably have to be lots of sublaws to that one because people define nice in different ways.)

Things have got a little hairy, you are in a sticky situation and stood face to face with a 3 eyed,15ft neon green Alien and about to get into a bust up! What song comes on as as your chosen kick ass sound track.

The Knife Silent Shout

Finally, you are allowed one phone call back to Earth, who do you call?

I’d definitely call my lady, tell her all about my journey and make silly noises at her down the phone.

Okay now TDDUD wants to find out a little more about you....

t’s always nice when I hear one of my tracks played in a club. Seeing Ivan Smagghe playing So Long and Thanks for all the Cut Off Adjustments (Bird Of Paradise Mix) at Neopop, or seeing Juan Maclean playing Solace in the Echo Chamber at a packed club in Los Angeles at the moment it drops and the crowd all start pogoing. That always gives me a smile.

If you can name anything, what is your best ever / worse ever musical purchase?

In terms of music, I have a soft spot for those early 80s covers albums because it was cheaper to just re-record the track than licence the originals to put on a compilation. Gary Numan’s Are Friends Electric? Sung by the Top of the Pops All Stars, that sort of thing. I bought a Chorus pedal direct from China recently and it didn’t work and would have worked out cheaper to just buy a new one than send back.

Tell us something we don't know…

I have a very faded tattoo on my body that I did myself. There, that’s never gone public before.

Oops. I need to hide a body. Any ideas?

No clue, don’t make me an accessory after the fact! The less I know about who you’ve killed the better for both of us ;) 


Would you rather go to a super Club, House party, Local boozer or small get together with 4 or 5 close friends over dinner at home? 

All of them have their place, could murder a night out right now though, I’m writing this from week 4 of lockdown. I’d like to be in a crowded room with strangers with some weird noises being pumped out of loud speakers and having my mind short circuited by strobelight. I’m not a drinker but still love the pub and socialising with friends

Lastly, we all like a good affirmation at TDDUD HQ....... What is your life’s Mantra?

Live love laugh... nah, I’m yanking your chain there. I guess ‘Be Nice!’ 

listen now to MAN2.0 EXCLUSIVE MIX. 

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