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Before we start can you tell us about the mix you have sent us

Well, thanks to my battered old Apple Mac playing up, I haven’t been able to do anything new, but I see you’ve had to upload an old live set I did for you on a hot night in Nottingham a few years ago. The world seems like a very different place to that balmy night in Hockley.










Great stuff Guy, now for the mission to Mars!

Lets pretend and fast forward to the year 2033, and NASA announces they are selecting an elite few to be the first of mankind to touch down on Mars. Based on your resounding intelligence, witty humor, skills and good looks - You have been chosen! Question is, would you accept a one-way ticket?

Fuck yeah. I’m sick and tired of the greed, ignorance, and racism I’ve seen accelerate over the past few years, so I’d like to get as far away from that as possible.

Your luck is in! You are the chosen Commander! Theres a big old space ship waiting to be named….. What are you going to call her?

It would have to be Rhonda. That was my Mam’s name, and that would be a great tribute to her.



Tricky one but you have to make the decision… If you can take anyone – past or present – fact or fiction - What 3 space cadets are you going to take with you on your adventure of a lifetime?

That is a tough one! But, I’m going for ‘Lost in Space’ type vibe here, and I’d just want my parents and my sister, so we could be a family colonizing another planet. There’s something very sweet about that idea.



Crew and spaceship ready, the final countdown has begun. Now you have just one day left on Earth ……..what would you do?

Pour a bucket of hot, runny shit over Dominic Cummings.

It takes 7 months for you and your teams quest to Mars. 7 months! You are allowed a choice of 5 records to play on the Inflight Space Entertainment system– which belters do you take with you?

Donna Summer – I Feel Love.

Kraftwerk – Neon Lights.

New Order – The Perfect Kiss.

Bobby O – She has a way.

Hardfloor - Acperience

You’ve made it! Now time to make things like home… What Netflix series would you choose to watch?

I haven’t finished Narcos – Mexico yet, so probably that.

A new planet needs new rules and regulations. You can write one law on planet Mars that everyone has to obey by, what law would you put in place, and why?

That’s a basic human right and one that we seem to have a real problem with on this planet. Get that right, and you can get on with living without worry.

Things have got a little hairy, you are in a sticky situation and stood face to face with a 3 eyed,15ft neon green Alien and about to get into a bust-up! What song comes on as your chosen kick-ass soundtrack?

The opening music from Conan the Barbarian – obviously the Arnie one!!

Finally, you are allowed one phone call back to Earth, whom do you call?

Wor lass!!!



Describe a heartwarming, skin tingling, goosey memorable moment from your musical journey so far?

Probably the reception at the end of a live show in Moscow. Loads of Russian Goths showing me love and warmth when it was minus 28 outside. Never in a million years would I think I’d be doing that in my life.


If you can name anything, what is your best ever / worse ever musical purchase?

My Korg Radias synth/vocoder. It opened up a whole new world to me.

Tell us something we dont know…

I once took Sophie Dahl to a garage in South Shields to buy cigarettes


Oops. I need to hide a body. Any ideas?

A bath, lime, and a flat in Hell’s Kitchen.


Would you rather go to a super Club, House party. Local boozer or small get together with 4 or 5 close friends over dinner at home?

I still like all of those things but close friends over dinner at home… followed by a sesh well into the next day.

Lastly, we all like a good affirmation at TDDUD HQ……. What is your life’s Mantra?

Never ever, bloody anything ever…

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