GRAHMA SAHARA: Mission to Mars

Its no surprise Guy that you are the creator of Flash and Paradise Productions, can you tell us a little bit about it and how they came about?

I set up Paradise Productions 10 years ago as a vehicle for the events I was doing at the time 'Paradise 45' in London and Ibiza and I was also producing under that name with Cagedbaby aka Thomas Gandey, it slowly overtime developed into having an 'agency' side helping initially friends that were DJ'S get work and over the years have developed into the family of 10 artists of which 3 we manage and provide agency services to the rest

I still DJ and am not about to hang my headphones up just yet but I tend to only mainly play gigs I want to know rather than 'have' to for financial sake, and I enjoy it more now when I do, I have also cut back on the events I promote now to 2 a year, the series of Flash parties at Pikes Ibiza which I adore doing and the annual Notting Hill Carnival after party I run with Barry Ashworth of Dub Pistols fame, with the odd pop up event here and there.

Great stuff Guy, now for the mission to Mars!

Lets pretend and fast forward to the year 2033, and NASA announces they are selecting an elite few to be the first of mankind to touch down on Mars. Based on your resounding intelligence, witty humour, skills and good looks - You have been chosen! Question is, would you accept a one way ticket?

Nope! I love living in Ibiza too much, although at the current time a trip even to the beach would be nice (currently on week 3 of Corona lockdown)

Your luck is in! You are the chosen Commander! Theres a big old space ship waiting to be named….. What are you going to call her?

Oh so guess I AM going then lol,I’d call her Annie after my Mum as I know she’d be reliable!



Tricky one but you have to make the decision… If you can take anyone – past or present – fact or fiction - What 3 space cadets are you going to take with you on your adventure of a lifetime?

I’d take my oldest mate Sunni, Disco Don Artwork (as he’s deffo be able to get us out of any tightspots, and Fozzy Bear as not only is he a dude he could keep us entertained musically.



Crew and spaceship ready, the final countdown has begun. Now you have just one day left on Earth ……..what would you do?

Turn the clocks back 24 hours and have a nap.

It takes 7 months for you and your teams quest to Mars. 7 months! You are allowed a choice of 5 records to play on the Inflight Space Entertainment system– which belters do you take with you?

Prince Purple Rain , KLF Chill Out, Human League Dare, Cocteau Victorialand, Rose Royce Greatest Hits.

You’ve made it! Now time to make things like home… What Netflix series would you choose to watch?



A new planet needs new rules and regulations. You can write one law on planet Mars that everyone has to obey by, what law would you put in place and why?

That no money is in use and everyone has to exchange goods/services.

Things have got a little hairy, you are in a sticky situation and stood face to face with a 3 eyed,15ft neon green Alien and about to get into a bust up! What song comes on as as your chosen kick ass sound track?

Timmy Thomas ‘Why Can’t We Live Together?’

Finally, you are allowed one phone call back to Earth, who do you call?

Portis Bishop as she would make me laugh



Describe a heart warming, skin tingling, goosey memorable moment from your musical journey so far?

Being asked to do the Radio 1 Essential Mix in 2003 and listening to it live on my way back from a gig in Nottingham on the motorway back to London – Proud!


If you can name anything, what is your best ever / worse ever musical purchase?

Best has got to be my Technics 1200’s which I didn’t get till a year after I started playing out! Worst A keyboard that stayed in the box and in the loft for years.

Tell us something we dont know…

My middle name is Hilton


Oops. I need to hide a body. Any ideas?

In a graveyard?


Would you rather go to a super Club, House party. Local boozer or small get together with 4 or 5 close friends over dinner at home?

House Party if the house was Pikes Ibiza!

Lastly, we all like a good affirmation at TDDUD HQ……. What is your life’s Mantra?

It’s a small world but I wouldn’t wanna paint it.